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What's Cooking With The Cookware & Bakeware Alliance

Oct 15, 2021

The CMA looks for new ways to share important market information. That is why we have partnered with Design Research to present CMA Members with the insight needed to navigate a Post-Covid World. Design Research is a market research and insights company that focuses on housewares and other products for the home. Design Research has a long history in these markets, servicing well over 100 world-class brands for the past 22 years. In this podcast, we will learn about How Best in Class Companies are Anticipating a Post-Covid World.

How many times a day do you catch yourself thinking about where you were this month week or day in 2020?  What were you dealing with during the Pandemic?  What were you doing – or not doing – and what was going on in your business and personal life.  

Life is resuming, but so many people, places, and things are still adapting to post covid life.  And the uncertainty is not over.  We still have spikes, variants, and vaccine dos and don’ts to deal with.  For your business, as you try to move forward, have the pandemic trends continued for your business?  What has changed?  How are you adapting?  

How do you plan and predict the next steps after the unpredictable?  Today, host Fran Groesbeck has a conversation with Design Research's Vice President of Market Intelligence, Janine Michalek, and what they are doing to help understand the new consumer and the new marketplace.

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